Paththu Paththu | Sona | Tamil Romantic Movie

Paththu Paththu is an tamil romantic thriller movie starring Sona, Thalaivasal Vijay, Bose Venkat in the lead role.

Engineer turned director Sathyam wanted to construct a sleazy soft porn thriller. Three minutes into the film, enter Sona looking like a heavy weight female WWF wrestler and gyrating to a crass item number.
After another 15 minutes you have Padmanarayanan, doing a similar sexy dance number. Post interval you have two girls rubbing their bodies as though they are lesbians to another hot number!

Plus there is a steamy seduction scene between Sona a lusty housewife and a young boy staying as a guest in her house. The scene brings memories of the Shakeela films of the 90’s.

The story is about a murder that has taken place at 10.10 PM, and some red herrings thrown in about the suspects. Subbu (`Thalaivaasal’ Vijay), a film director going through bad times is killed at 10.10 p.m.